Back in 2007, the work of Tomislav Tomic inspired me to restart drawing. At that time I didn’t have a precise idea in mind, I just wanted to keep on drawing because this was what I’ve always felt passionate about.
Looking at my first illustrations, my dad pointed out that I wasn’t producing anything original but rather copying somebody else work. He challenged me to follow my quirk: “It’s only there and then that you could find out what you are able to do and claim your own style if you really have any”.
Pricked by his remarks, I began to leave my comfort zone and slowly step out of my box.
Some drawings surfaced as totally random but the more I looked at them, the more I could see that they wanted to tell a story.
In search of more feedback, I began to talk to illustrators, graphic & web designers, literary agents and editors. They all shared important advice that I used to start shaping what you could see now.

Dark themes sometimes linked with fear or bewilderment are at the core of what I do. Fortunately, deep down not all is as dark and scary as it seems. I have intended to convey the message that overcoming our fears is possible if, like many of the protagonist children, we fight them with our curiosity and an unprejudiced look.
Fear is a wall that hides surprising landscapes.

Last but not least are those artists, countries and writers that have shaped what I do. Your eye might recognise the influence of Surrealism, Symbolism, certain European and American comic culture, the influence of supreme artists like Beardsley, Vallotton, Böcklin, Bosch, Dürer and one-of-a-kind E.G.Gorey among many others. There are far too many artists I love and too little space to list their wonderful work.
There are open references to Japan and the concepts that inform its aesthetics.
Speaking of places, (and I say it with a twisted sense of gratitude) I owe this whole project to London, this mesmerising city with a cruel, dark and debauched soul that constantly tickles my imagination and whispers its warped stories into my ear.

The rest is for your to interpret, guess and see: my stories have an open ending in the hope that you would like to share where you see them going.

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