Written by Isabella Thermes
Edited by Hassan Morsy

Henry was looking at the painting transfixed.
He saw something no one else could see.
A little Girl was waving at him from under the elm tree, its leaves jostling in the summer breeze as the clouds drifted slowly by in the sky above.
Everything in there appeared so serene, peaceful and free, and he could almost hear the subtle shuffling of the grass blades and the field’s poppies.
Oblivious to the exhibition’s visitors including his parents, Henry was determined to ignore the mandatory ‘Do Not Touch’ sign, trespass the rope and make an attempt to enter the painting.
He waited until no one was paying attention to him and, to his greatest surprise, he found he really could do it!
All of a sudden, the buzzing of the breeze in the landscape was no longer a muffled sound, the Girl seemed to keep the inviting smile on her face and he waved back at her.
Henry, overcome with delight, did not for a moment worry about how he could exit the painting, or how it was that he got into it in a first place.
A few yards of poppies were all that separated him from a new friend and a new adventure, and this was all that mattered.

2019 All images and content copyright Isabella Thermes