Before spending any words in introducing these pages, I want to begin with the most important word ever, ‘thank you’. There is no better way to open this page than with a big thank you to Terry C., who has built the very foundation to this website making it possible, to Rodrigo Dias at Softroad for developing this website’s potential in such a wonderful way and to Rob “Tekano Bob” for his patient, honest feedback and all the excellent tips along the way.
A big thank you also goes to Hassan Morsy, who has meticulously worked on editing each one of the stories: our plan is to begin a creative partnership and I hope you could soon enjoy his writing work on this very place.
I feel that this project truly is the amazing product of a collective effort.

A heartfelt thank you to my mom and dad and to all good friends (you know who you are) , colleagues and special people that have offered (and still are offering) support in many different ways during this lengthy project. If I didn’t lose faith or quit along the way, it’s because of your help.
It would require endless space in here to mention you all but know that each one of you has a clear face and name in my heart.
Last but not least, a special thank you to that Fire that burns inside my heart, giving me constant strength and inspiration.

I have started this project because I believe that some adults still enjoy listening to stories. I do and I never have enough of them.
My stories are dark, disturbing or, sometimes, simply unsettling. The message behind all of them is an invitation to explore our fears, to take risks, to step out of our box and look at what’s out there with unprejudiced eyes.

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