Written by Isabella Thermes
Edited by Hassan Morsy

An elderly couple lived in a pretty house in the middle of Maple Street, in a suburban, residential area.
Their house had a white, picket fence and a well-tended lawn -visible during the good seasons- in the front.
During the winter time, the couple patiently looked out of their windows, waiting for the snow to melt.
Both husband and wife shared a long-standing passion for gardening. They would spend the gloomy winter afternoons reading their books on seeds, flowers and plants, discussing and sharing their ideas over a steaming cup of tea and making plans to rearrange their backyard.
This year they saved money for a new shed.
The Garden Gnome they had placed in the garden was waiting for springtime too.
It was in that season, summer and fall in fact, that the Garden Gnome had the opportunity to observe the couple and learn from their gardening skills.
During daytime, he would stand still, happily smiling in the sun and when evening fell, he would put on his little red apron and prepare the soil in his little pot, which he set in a hidden corner of the backyard.
After the new shed was put into place, the Garden Gnome carefully collected the debris left by the workers and put them in his pot.
He was sure something would grow out of it and he kept on diligently watering the pot, moving the soil and dripping the little fertilizer he could gather around.
Then, one warm and breezy day at the beginning of September, to his greatest joy, something began to sprout but it wasn’t a plant.
A miniature town was growing in the Garden Gnome’s pot.

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