The Girl in the Bottle

Written by Isabella Thermes
Edited by Hassan Morsy

People are known to put all sorts of things in bottles, be they oils to cook with, wines to drink or even little ornamental boats to decorate the home: but who ever heard of a girl in a bottle.
How could a girl ever get inside such a thing as a bottle, and why would she want to be there?
Curiosity and a desire to explore the world were the inspiration that gave birth to the idea to uncork the bottle and squeeze inside.
By doing so she believed she could safely travel at sea like messages in a bottle do.
However, the bottle could not be properly sealed and water soon began gushing in.
The girl slowly drowned –what a rare thing it is to drown in a bottle! – but even in death she still looked so pretty that to see her one might think that she had always belonged in there.
For who would want to ruin such a thing of beauty, this girl in a bottle.

2019 All images and content copyright Isabella Thermes