The New Tenant

Written by Isabella Thermes
Edited by Hassan Morsy

The big octopus made quite a trip from the sea.
He was just tired of being there so he decided to move out. Not knowing about directions or places, he kept on slowly dragging his body.
Little could he imagine he was already in the city, and by then he needed somewhere to hide and rest. The street presented a big red brick mansion where no one seemed to live.
He decided to stay there and became the new tenant.
The mansion’s many windows allowed him to stretch his tentacles as often as needed and the strange little creatures walking down the street never failed to rouse his curiosity and keep him busy.
They all carried pouches of different sizes and colours which curiously contained many other little things in them.
Every once in a while he would lift them up, look at them and get to keep the small objects they brought with themselves.
Surely there was nothing like that in the sea.
The octopus felt that the city really could keep him happy for a long time.

2019 All images and content copyright Isabella Thermes