Written by Isabella Thermes
Edited by Hassan Morsy

The young Lady had resigned herself to another uneventful afternoon.
Well groomed and surrounded by beautiful objects, she delighted herself in little pleasures.
While looking for an entertaining reading, a craving for something sweet got hold of her, and she forgot about what she was originally after.
In the fruit bowl the young lady found a pear and thought that it was exactly what she needed to satisfy her craving.
But this was no ordinary pear.
As soon as the young lady had a fork and was ready to spear the mature fruit, it jumped up suddenly and took a bite out of her.
The pear was in fact a Vampear, with beady, little eyes and a small, strange set of fangs.
A rare breed indeed, perhaps funny looking but lethal nonetheless.
The young lady, wounded in the neck, flopped on the chaise longue in bewilderment while blood trickled from the punctured artery.
The Vampear sat comfortably on her hip and watched her slowly die.

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2019 All images and content copyright Isabella Thermes