Emily was in love.
She was sure of that because every time she encountered Oliver in the school corridors, she felt an incontrollable surge of blushing that forced her to look away.
Although she knew almost nothing about him, her extreme shyness prevented her to approach him in any way at all.
Oliver seemed to be a fairly popular guy in their school, well liked by his professors, his classmates and his many friends.
Emily knew he was well-versed in the different sports because she had peeped at him few times while he was in the school court playing with his classmates.
She was also very attentive when someone would mention his name: in her head, she was storing any tiny detail on Oliver that could help her to complete the perfect portrait her heart was drawing.
While her girlfriends were talking, she would put a smiling face but her thoughts were concentrating in the effort to recall each small act of random kindness that Oliver did for her.
In one of those circumstances, he even introduced himself with a big smile.
After that episode that made her heart skipping few bits, she would always try to avoid being in the position to say hello for fear that he would read her feelings in her eyes.
Her lack of confidence did nothing but increase her distance from him and her sense of hopelessness.
Her pretty features and her gracious manners were not enough to counter that.
Oliver on the other hand, would not think about approaching her because she didn’t seem to particularly appreciate his company.
Months passed by and Emily was growing increasingly melancholic but no one knew what was the matter because she would never open up.
Until one day, on a lonely walk in the fields surrounding the school, she suddenly found herself in front a well.
The discovery made her stop in surprise: she had a good enough memory to remember that in those rare walks on the very same path there was never a well.
The most curious fact was that a sign, reading ‘Hazardous Waste’ was stuck nearby.
At that, she felt compelled to walk towards this mysterious well and find out how deep it was.
However, as soon as she leant over it, her head detached itself from her shoulders and fell down the well.

Emily let out a cry, a mix of despair and astonishment.

What she didn’t know was that the well opened only to those who were about to lose their heads, hearts or, sometimes, even their souls over their passions.
Emily already lost her head over Oliver and because of her insecurity, there was no way out of her love.
The echo of a satisfied grunt and a subsequent chomping came from the bottom of the well.
A creature accustomed to its darkness, constantly fed on what was considered as ‘Hazardous Waste’, human bits tainted by their obsessions.

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