The Odd Girl & Her Cupboard of Toys

“Sshhh!” says the girl. Her reptile arms, legs and long, spiky tail peeking out of her nightgown do give her an odd appearance indeed. She doesn’t seem to mind and as long as most of her body is well covered, no one really notices anything apart from her pretty face.

The odd girl has a very peculiar cupboard of toys. What makes it so unique is not just its big and ominous appearance, but rather its guardian. Inside her cupboard, the odd girl stores her very ordinary toys: she knows they will be safe because the guardian keeps a watchful eye on them.

Sometimes  she thinks it’s a pity that he never wants to come out of it: the guardian is very odd himself and doesn’t even have a pretty face to distract people. Deep inside though, she is not just grateful to him but also proud: not many cupboards have a guardian and not many girls of her age have such a special secret..

Posted: April 7th, 2010
Categories: Stories
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